Sunday, May 14, 2006

Stephen Colbert, Taurus for Truthiness

As I was assembling celebrities for yesterday's birthday post, I saw that Stephen Colbert's chart was not available online and immediately decided that its absense was a disservice to America. Anyone with the cojones to stay in character satirizing the right wing with Bush eight feet to his right must have a pretty badass set of planets. So what is it that makes Colbert such a tireless soldier of truthiness?

See Stephen Colbert's birth chart - Exclusive to (sunrise chart, no birth time)

Stephen has Mercury, Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Taurus, with the Sun also in Taurus, which explains his bulldog-like tenacity and obstinacy. Taurus also rules values and morals, and however ironic his onscreen personality may be, he really does have strong and passionate beliefs that, with that Taurus stellium (huddle of planets), he can get pretty darn fired up about.

His Moon in split-personality Gemini, a sign also known for being verbal and witty, is an apt description of the way Stephen Colbert exists as two separate entities: his Colbert Report "character" and his genuine offscreen personality.

Another aspect worth noting in Stephen's natal horoscope is that Venus, ruler of all his Taurus planets, is very closely conjunct the North Node in Cancer. This reinforces the idea of a strong moral fiber, even a sense of being on a noble mission, as the North Node is strongly associated with one's positive karmic growth path. Stephen may be tongue-in-cheek about championing "truthiness," but he is seriously committed to speaking truth to power.

The chart shown here is a sunrise chart giving him a default Taurus Ascendant, but if I were to speculate about Stephen's rising sign, my first guess would be Virgo rising, which would describe his buttoned-up appearance and his acerbic, often critical personality. A Virgo Ascendant would also place his Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the first house, foregrounding in Stephen's personality the aspect that caused a generation to rebel against the status quo. (Uranus and Pluto joined forces in the mid-to-late 1960s to foment protest and progressive changes.) Uranus is opposed by Saturn, contributing to the tendency to challenge authority.

A chart for 2:00 PM EDT would put Uranus directly on his Ascendant and place the Taurus stellium in the 9th house, his Moon in the 10th. I could see the 9th/10th house influence fitting with his strong interest in political, international and religious issues and his delivery of some of the more intellectually sophisticated discourse on TV.

Happy Colberthday, Stephen! Keep on sticking it to The Man!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think his rising sign must place Colbert's Taurus planets in his Scorpio House.

I was amazed all his planets weren't in Scorpio and Sadge.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Calculating around midday (11am actually) looks impressive. It shows Leo Ascendant (showbiz) and that Taurus stellium with Sun/Jup/Mars in the 10th House and Merc right on the MC (an uber career, fame). Then the Moon in Gemini (creative)/Venus/N.Node in Cancer (love, the public, honors) all in the 11th house, Uranus/Pluto in 2nd house, Neptune/Scorpio in the 4th house (loss of the father)and Saturn/Pisces in the 8th house (sexy).

9:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's absolutely without a doubt a Gemini rising.

9:07 PM  

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